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PHH The art and science of fleet management. PHH The art and science of fleet management. PHH The art and science of fleet management.


It’s not just a matter of installing technology in a vehicle. It’s understanding the resulting information and putting it into action. PHH Onboard® combines the power of applied telematics and fleet data with end-to-end program management and consultative expertise to enhance the performance of your fleet.

Increase your fleet’s productivity

Our advanced, in-vehicle telematics technology provides the location of all your vehicles via satellite-powered global positioning data. PHH collects, stores and manages this data, which can provide answers to important questions, like:

  • Is the right amount of time being spent with the right customers?
  • Is every driver’s hour productive?
  • How does actual activity compare to reported activity?
  • Can I provide proof of service to our customers?

Get the insight you’ve been missing to enhance the performance of your fleet.

Improve your corporate risk profile

Improving driver behavior means a better risk profile. With greater visibility into driver activity, PHH Onboard® can help you monitor and eliminate excessive speed and unauthorized use. Our in-cab monitors actively alert drivers when they have exceeded preset speed, idle time or harsh braking parameters, as well as seat-belt usage.

We can help you put information into action by analyzing real-time data, talking to drivers to identify exceptions and recommending policy improvements.

Reduce your fleet’s operating costs

PHH Onboard® provides real-time diagnostic and location information, allowing PHH service professionals to address vehicle issues proactively.

Our telematics service – still unique in the industry – gives you data you need, just when you need it. PHH professionals show you how to put it into action to manage your costs and enhance vehicle performance.