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Article: Fixing the Links in the Fleet Supply Chain

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This section includes the latest news and information, including PHH products and service announcements, policies and procedures and state/provincial laws and regulations. Additional news is available to PHH clients via the News and Information section of PHH InterActive.

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31 Kansas DMV extends some tag expiration dates 05/22/2012
32 Kansas DMV to shut down for first week of May 04/23/2012
33 Auto industry faces plastic resin shortage 04/18/2012
34 West Virginia and Idaho enact bans on texting while driving 04/13/2012
35 Safelite response to storm damage in Dallas 04/05/2012
36 Delay of implementation of MVR fee increase in Oregon 04/03/2012
37 MVR fee to increase in Maryland 04/03/2012
38 Strike by 407 ETR employees ends 03/06/2012
39 PHH launches PHH InterActive® Mobile application 03/01/2012
40 Strike by 407ETR employees in Greater Toronto area 02/28/2012

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