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PHH The art and science of fleet management. PHH The art and science of fleet management. PHH The art and science of fleet management.

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Our blog is really a kind of online journal written by various fleet experts we’ve invited to participate. They offer their opinions and comments on issues related to fleet management, maintenance, telematics, trucks, vehicle accident management, driver safety and more. You also have the opportunity to respond or ask questions. So go ahead and join the conversation.

Just a note: The opinions of the writers don’t necessarily reflect the position of PHH Arval on these subjects.

Driver safety and your fleet management strategy: Part 1

June 06, 2014

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tonyvBy Tony Vinciguerra, General Manager, Center for Transportation Safety

According to the National Safety Council, June is National Safety Month, a time to bring attention to key safety issues. With “Risk and Safety” being high priority concerns for most fleet managers, now’s the perfect time to discuss how safety affects fleet management strategy. It was my pleasure to talk about the subject recently at a NAFA chapter meeting in Pittsburgh. Here begins a series of three blogs on the points I covered:

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Fleet managers: Recommendations for executive vehicles

June 03, 2014

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Bob_Sandler_HiRes_100wBy Bob Sandler, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience and Enterprise Consulting, PHH Arval

Now’s the time of year when you’re planning your vehicle selector for MY 2015. One area of focus for many fleet managers is executive vehicles.

For many companies, an executive level, company-provided vehicle is a symbol of status and position within the organization. It is also considered by many to be an incentive to reward, attract and keep the best leadership talent. Approaches to managing executive vehicles can vary from allowing executives to select any vehicle within a certain budget, to significantly limiting their choices by offering fewer preapproved higher-end models, or providing an allowance program that leaves the choice with the executive.

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New methods to develop today's fleet technology tools

May 30, 2014

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chrisbrown_90x120by Chris Brown, Director, Customer Experience

In the fleet management industry, we’ve seen tremendous changes and improvements in the ability to access fleet information and handle transactions online. But it’s not just technology that has evolved – so has the profile of the user. Our Customer Experience area focuses on making our clients’ interactions with our fleet technology tools easy, effective and enjoyable. Our most recent launch includes ClarusSM and Clarus Driver, a new fleet management technology platform that we think will revolutionize how our clients and their drivers experience PHH.

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Fleet management tools: Enhance productivity with Clarus Driver

May 23, 2014

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Eric SchellBy Eric Schell, Analyst, Customer Experience, PHH Arval

Your fleet drivers are out on the road concentrating on getting their jobs done for your organization. Fleet management tools that can simplify their lives is a good thing – and PHH has just launched ClarusSM Driver, a new mobile tool that allows them to use their smartphones or tablets to complete fleet tasks without having to log on to their computers.

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Are vans part of your fleet strategy? Changes are coming!

May 16, 2014

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By Marcin Michno, Business Consultant, Enterprise Consulting and Analytics, PHH Arval

If vans are part of your fleet vehicle selector, you are probably aware of major changes taking place in the industry related to cargo and passenger vans. Some manufacturers are eliminating individual models; others are replacing entire product lines with new, more efficient entries. This is a great opportunity to update your fleet strategy, review your fleet needs and select optimal replacement vehicles.

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3 keys for an effective fleet strategy to increase vehicle resale value

May 09, 2014

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timmcgeeBy Tim McGee, Manager, Vehicle Remarketing, PHH Arval

I've been talking about best-in-class fleet remarketing strategies and have been blogging on trends in vehicle replacement. Now, let's look at some keys to an effective fleet maintenance program designed to help resale value at the end of the vehicle's lifecycle:

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The future of your fleet management strategy

May 02, 2014

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Bob SandlerBy Robert Sandler, Vice President, Enterprise Consulting and Analytics, PHH Arval

A lot of managers use “data mining,” or the ability to examine large databases in order to generate new information, to help them determine future strategies. Most of you, too, are using some form of data mining to enhance your fleet management performance. But as you know, it takes experts to sift through the data and generate recommendations based on the findings, and that’s usually a long, iterative process.

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Fleet vehicle replacement planning and strategy

April 28, 2014

Tim McGee, PHH ArvalBy Tim McGee, Manager, Vehicle Remarketing, PHH Arval

It's always important to reduce your fleet’s depreciation expense by remarketing vehicles for the highest price in the shortest time. Because vehicle replacement planning is crucial to optimizing resale value, here's a look at current trends and a few recommendations for your fleet management strategy:

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