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PHH The art and science of fleet management. PHH The art and science of fleet management. PHH The art and science of fleet management.

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Fleet management strategy: Maintenance trends in medium trucks

February 21, 2014

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Don Scare, Regional Fleet Services Manager, PHH ArvalBy Don Scare, Regional Fleet Services Manager, PHH Arval

Work Truck Magazine recently ran an article called “The Latest Trends in Medium-Duty Truck Maintenance,” and I was pleased to offer some insights into what’s happening today – specifically, what is driving higher maintenance costs.

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Forklift classifications tip sheet for fleet managers

February 14, 2014

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Rob Cranford, PHH ArvalBy Rob Cranford, PHH Arval Material Handling Consultant

For many companies, material handling equipment is often a loosely managed function. This is especially true if your company has distributed operations and branches. For fleet managers whose fleet strategy is to integrate material handling equipment with the rest of their trucks, information on these specialized vehicles is essential.

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Strategy tips to optimize your medium-duty truck fleet performance

February 07, 2014

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Rob Kooken, PHH ArvalBy Rob Kooken, Director, PHH Arval Business Development

When it comes to determining your fleet management strategy for medium-duty trucks, understanding the wear-and-tear on these trucks is crucial for preventive maintenance scheduling, replacement planning and optimizing vehicle utilization. In the January/February issue of Work Truck Magazine, I participated in an article called “Measuring Hours vs. Miles in Medium-Duty Truck Performance.” There’s a lot of great information in the piece. For my contribution, I said that idling is one of the main reasons a fleet manager would want to track hours instead of mileage. Here are some examples:

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Truck fleet management tips: Using lightweight materials for truck upfits

January 31, 2014

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keilty_blogBy Tom Keilty, COO and Senior Vice President, PHH Arval

The January/February issue of Work Truck Magazine features an article called “Six Questions to Consider When Evaluating Lightweight Materials for Truck Upfits.” It’s a good read for truck fleet managers who are thinking of spec’ing materials such as thinner gauge high-strength steel, aluminum, fiberglass and plastic composites. I was happy to contribute to this article and offer here my own points for consideration:

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Fleet strategy and safety: Tips for using cruise control

January 24, 2014

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Jim Paterson, Director, Commercial Transportation SafetyBy James Paterson, Director, Commercial Division, Center for Transportation Safety

If you’re a fleet manager, you know the benefits of cruise control. But how much do your fleet drivers know about this tool that sets the vehicle’s speed in order to avoid speeding tickets? “Cruising” can contribute to problems if you’re not 100% attentive to the road and the other drivers around you.

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Fleet strategy: A video telematics case study

January 17, 2014

Dave Zuidema, Senior Vice President and CIO, PHH ArvalBy Dave Zuidema, Senior Vice President and CIO, PHH Arval

If you read our recent Fleet Resolutions post on how to enhance the performance of your fleet in 2014, you may remember one of the recommendations:

“Try piloting telematics in your fleet.”

We’ve found that companies may be interested in this technology, but they’re either not sure if it’s right for them or find it difficult to convince management to give it a try. But just testing it in a few vehicles for a two-month period can provide valuable insights into how useful it would be for your fleet and management strategy – from increasing driving productivity to reducing fuel costs and accidents.

For one company’s experience with a telematics solution to move its business forward, watch this 3-minute video about Wittenbach Business Systems.

If you’ve been using telematics in your fleet, we’d like to hear about your results!

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Fleet strategy: Top 6 Fleet Resolutions for 2014

January 10, 2014

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Bob Sandler, Vice President, Enterprise ConsultingBy Bob Sandler, Vice President, Enterprise Consulting and Analytics, PHH Arval

If your goal is to enhance your fleet’s value in 2014, it’s time to make some fleet management resolutions to get you there. Our Strategic Consulting group has developed a new white paper that provides some inspirational ideas for “resolutions” you may not have considered before, but which will make a positive difference to your fleet this year.

Watch this short video featuring Ted Carter, PHH Arval’s Senior Vice President of Risk Management, who has a quick synopsis of the Top 6 fleet resolutions.

And download our white paper now to get a jump-start on ideas to help you achieve your fleet management goals.

After you’ve taken a look, let me know if you have additional ideas we should include.

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Fleet strategy: A review of 2013 driver safety and accident management blogs

January 02, 2014

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Kim Iwanowski, Manager, Risk & Safety, PHH ArvalBy Kim Iwanowski, Manager, Risk & Safety, PHH Arval

When we ask our clients to tell us their most important fleet priorities, driver safety and accident management are always at the top of their lists. Over the course of the past year, my colleagues at PHH Arval and Center for Transportation Safety have blogged about these subjects, so here’s a brief review that may help you with your 2014 fleet safety strategy:

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