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Article: Fixing the Links in the Fleet Supply Chain

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PHH The art and science of fleet management. PHH The art and science of fleet management. PHH The art and science of fleet management.

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Fleet safety: The value of simulator training

August 01, 2014

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jimpaterson_90x120By Jim Paterson, , Director, Commercial Division, Center for Transportation Safety

Identifying risky drivers is crucial to any driver safety program, and many companies institute motor vehicle record checks to help accomplish this. Once you’ve identified a driver that is likely to be in a collision, providing targeted training to that individual makes a huge difference in reducing unsafe driving behaviors.

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Material handling equipment: "Brand independent" fleet management

July 28, 2014

tomwolfBy Tom Wolf, Director, Material Handling Equipment, PHH Arval

Does your company operate material handling equipment, such as forklifts, pallet jacks or scissor lifts? If so, how are these assets managed? The following approaches seem to be most common:

- By creating loyal partnerships with chosen manufacturers
- Through warehouse managers at individual local branches

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Q & A about PHH/Element and what it means to the fleet management industry

July 14, 2014

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jimhalliday2014By Jim Halliday, President, Element Fleet Management

Earlier this week, we announced that PHH Arval has been acquired by Element Financial Corporation. This is very important news for the industry, as it changes the landscape of fleet management companies while bringing additional resources and North American focus for our clients.

We’ve fielded a lot of questions from people about what this deal means, so I thought I’d share some of the answers with you:

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Fleet strategy: Should you convert from floating to fixed rates?

July 07, 2014

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marcinMBy Marcin Michno, Project Manager, PHH Arval Strategic Consulting

Financing is always an important part of your fleet strategy. Interest rates have been low over the past few years and have stayed low for so long that experts monitoring the state of the economy are predicting an increase in interest rates over the next few years. This has caused finance departments to wonder if they should convert their assets to fixed interest rates in order to mitigate the risk of potential increases.

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The power of fleet telematics

June 27, 2014

brucehoranBy Bruce Horan, Director of Telematics, PHH Arval

I recently served as a guest editor for My Purchasing Center, a website for purchasing and procurement management professionals. My article was entitled: “Improve Your Fleet, Improve Your Business: The Power of Telematics.” You can read it here.

When PHH introduced the first telematics-powered service in 2005 – ten years ago! – very few fleet managers knew what this technology was all about or how it could apply to their operations. The fleet telematics adoption curve got off to something of a slow start, requiring a lot of education on the technology’s benefits, sorting out of industry providers and evolution of capabilities.

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PHH hosts Fleet Management Symposium in Ontario

June 20, 2014

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pat_150x200By Pat Furguiele, SVP and General Manager, PHH Canada

Last week we hosted the first of our annual Fleet Management Symposiums in Canada, this one in Milton just outside Toronto. It was a day of great conversation and learnings. The event allowed our clients, our suppliers and the PHH team to be at the same table.

Customer Experience is the centre of our business, and our technology presentation showcased our innovations in this area with PHH Xplore and Clarus. At our exhibition, fleet leaders enjoyed one-on-one discussions with the PHH Strategic Consulting team to talk about PHH Xplore, walking away with a better understanding of how they can now mine their data in real-time.

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Driver safety and your fleet management strategy: Part 3

June 17, 2014

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tonyvBy Tony Vinciguerra, General Manager, Center for Transportation Safety

I’ve been talking about driver safety recently – see here and here. In this final of my three-part series, I’ve put together a list of the Top 7 actions you can take to increase driver safety and enhance the success of your fleet management program:

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Driver safety and your fleet management strategy: Part 2

June 13, 2014

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tonyvBy Tony Vinciguerra, General Manager, Center for Transportation Safety

Last week I talked about how dangerous fleet driving is as an occupation. Driver safety a fleet management challenge that is a top priority for most fleet managers. Now let’s talk about: Who is responsible for fleet risk and safety?

The short answer is: Everyone!

We all have a hand in ensuring our employees are as safe as possible while they are driving and conducting business:

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