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PHH The art and science of fleet management. PHH The art and science of fleet management. PHH The art and science of fleet management.

PHH Telecommunications and Utility Fleet Conference breaks new ground

By: Jim Spellissy, Vice President, Business Development

Last week, PHH Arval launched our first-ever conference for telecommunications and utility fleets. A highlight for many was the presentation on results from our Industry Benchmarking Survey – the first such survey ever conducted for telecom and utility fleets.  Though the results are proprietary, I can share that the respondents said their top priorities for the next 12-18 months were:

  • fleet optimization,
  • reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs, and
  • increasing driver/vehicle productivity.

I’ll also share that in terms of reducing fuel consumption, 76 percent of respondents had explored or plan to explore an opportunity to reduce their environmental impact. Respondents added that more fuel efficient vehicles were the primary focus because of the positive environmental impact, but also the cost reduction. (See related press release on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.)

Additionally, our keynote speaker was Dr. Willett Kempton, Professor at University of Delaware specializing in vehicle-to-grid technology, environmental policy, offshore wind power, and integration of large-scale renewable energies. He discussed the second value of electric-powered vehicles – generating revenue for the fleet operator or reducing the lease cost. You can read more about this concept in one of his papers.

Some attendees had the opportunity to take a demo drive of an all-electric utility van provided by Autoport Inc in New Castle, DE.

Finally, the conference ended with a presentation from ZoomSafer’s Matt Howard who focused our attention on a big issue that everyone’s talking about: distracted driving and new technology solutions that ensure safe and legal use of mobile phones while driving.

All in all, a great first for PHH’s Telecom/Utility team and our clients!


PHH The art and science of fleet management.

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